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            FOOD FOR THOUGHT

NOTHING COMES WITHOUT A FIGHT! You must know the God that lives inside of you to grow you to the next place God intended for you to go, even if you don’t see it yet, Nothing Comes without a fight. Some fights comes to blow your house down, leaving you to die, causing your head to be hung down, until God pick up the pieces in your Spirit in Prayer and bring you into a Glorious Place! Brokenness: Broken things Produces a Product, Nothing would’ve been Produce inside of you if that test never came your way and squeeze some things out of you, For The Glory of God! Don’t Stress Go through your test, You’re not a guest? No time for Mess! God had given us his best! so we may rest, It’s only a test! It’s only a test! it’s only for a time and for a season God has given us his best! Your knees is your Place of rest! Nothing Comes Without a Price.
Inspired by God through the Holy Ghost.

Who are we?

We are a REAL church with real people in mind. We aspire to cater to the whole man, mind, body, and spirit. We will reach the lost at any cost through the teachings of the principles of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Jesus Christ Church of God the Bibleway is one church in 9 locations that comprises the Southern District of the Church of God the Bibleway Inc., Apostle C. A. Cowart, General Overseer.
See pages titled “What We Believe” and “Meet our Pastor” to see more important information 
Ministry and Leadership
The Southern District of the Church of God the Bibleway Inc. is comprised of 9 church locations under the leadership of Presiding Bishop Ira J. McCloud. Jesus Christ COGTB can be found in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. Each location is overseen by a combination of well abled and equipped ministers and elders who maintain the function of the churches. Each church holds a different atmosphere conducive for the Spirit of God to touch all those who attend. However, the ministry doesn’t stop there but reaches far into our lives and the lives of those in our communities.
See our ‘Ministries’ page to find out more about the ministries at Jesus Christ COGTB.  

Our District Headquarters


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