Words of Wisdom & Devotion


God wants to clean up your land inside, where the canker worm, palmer worm and the cattlerpillar has eaten and stolen from you. There is a famine inside of your land, but God is waiting to do a deep root cleansing inside the mind, body and soul. Amos 8:11

There is a famine inside the land, and God is getting ready to visit your house inside and measure your temple. God is getting ready to visit and prahap this time around, he can add some more fruits to your tree,causing you to fall in love with him again! Don't you want to fall in love with Jesus again? and hear those heavenly tongues flowing out of your belly again? Rivers of living waters, Water That Live! LIVING WATERS!   


God is going to stop by your house and SHAKE YOUR TREE AND WAKE HIMSELF UP IN HIS PEOPLE THAT HAS WITHERED AWAY. Your tree will nolonger be dried' God said your tree will nolonger called a prune tree, that withered away! Your tree will be called " The Tree of Righteousness" The sweet odor from your tree will smell liken unto fresh Apples that falls to the ground of your belly! God said  you will nolonger be called an Unfruitful tree, but a Tree of Righteousness planted inside of the house of prayer. Then will God  be able to smell The Sweetness of your Prayer life. God will Smell The Sweet Oil of the Holy Ghost! Your tree will nolonger be rotten to him in Prayer, you will be called " The Tree of Righteousness Planted into the House of God.

Your Prayer life will never be the same anylonger,


All Glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


Don't forget about Jesus.

Did you consider His pain when they arrested Him and belittled His Name.

Don't forget about Jesus.

Remember that it was Jesus who came to your resuce when you was playing Russian Roulette with your life as if it was a game. 


Don't forget about Jesus.

Do you not know that there is power in calling on His Name.

Don't forget about Jesus.

Life in Him is a sacrificial life as you give up you to be a new creature refusing to be the same.


Don't forget about Jesus.

Have you forgotten the stripes He took on the whipping post so that you can be healed.

Don't forget about Jesus.

Why forfeit the opportunity to live for Jesus daily Holy Ghost filled. 


Don't forget about Jesus.

Oh, how they drove the nails through His hands and feet as  He laid there in excruiating pain. 

Don't forget about Jesus.



the pain may be great it's in His suffering more of Him you will gain.


Don't forget about Jesus.

While on the Cross when His enemies thought that He was dying yet, He had you on His mind. 

Don't forget about Jesus.

From the very beginning He knew who you where and gave you His purpose from that moment in time.


Don't forget about Jesus. 

Mistakes don't define your purpose within, but is a teaching tool for perfection.

Don't forget about Jesus.

The test may be great but only in Him are you covered with true protection. 


Don't forget about Jesus. 

The only One that came from divinity to humanity just to become a sacrifice so that you can live.

Don't forget about Jesus.

In order to receive of Him you must first have a willing mind to die so His Spirit He can give.


Don't forget about Jesus.

Jesus is the one whom orchestrated a divine time for introduction unto Truth.

Don't forget about Jesus.

He is a God of His Word and will give accordingly to His divine will what is due. 


Don't forget about Jesus. 

How can His love not be enough.

Don't forget about Jesus.

He is looking for the righteous and the just. 


Don't forget about Jesus.

He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Don't forget about Jesus.

No man cometh unto the Father but by JESUS, this is His Word and it's precise. 


Thank You, Jesus for taking a moment of preparation in the garden. While wrapped in flesh you embraced many test without your heart becoming harden. 


Thank You, Jesus  for being wholeheartedly focused on nothing but the purpose to save our souls. After being persecuted, ridiculed, and whipped beyond measures you still willfully embraced and accomplished your goal. 


Thank You, Jesus for exhibiting your unfailing and uncoonditional love. Who else could of took nails to their hands and feet after being serverly lashed and shoved. 


Thank You, Jesus for holding your position on the Cross as they walked by wagging their heads. Inwardly, they judged you as it looked like you was dying when indeed they was truly the walking dead.


Thank You, Jesus for staying on the Cross. For that moment in time if you would of came from humanity into divinity our souls would of been forever lost. 


Thank You, Jesus for seeing in the spiritual while in the natural your adversary privily told lies and plotted. On the Cross you gave up the Ghost so now after speaking with tongues we can say the Holy Ghost; oh yes now we got it!


Thank You, Jesus for teaching us in order to be resurrected in you that we must first die to self. Although, the longsuffering and pain is great let us remember that in you Lord is our strength, peace, comfort, and help.






God Love Is Endless and Indescribable!

The Essence of God: Is beyond my thoughts and Imagination!

When I think of God’s Essence, there are no words that can describe his infinite!

 His love is beyond my thoughts and Imagination! For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  (St John 3:16)

This describes the Essence of God to me!

Why can’t the body of Christ love like the infinite of God?


His loves will look beyond a person faults and say “  come back to me” I love you, with a everlasting love!

Jesus Love us so much that he came in the flesh to redeem mankind back to himself.

This is why Jesus is called “The second Adam” The second man is the Lord from heaven. ( I CORINTHIANS 15:45-48)

 (ZECHARIAH 10:12)  to me this is the essence of God! being nailed on the cross and coming in the flesh to redeem little me. This is the essence of God! 

His infinite! His deity! It’s beyond our Intellectual; this is why he is called the Omniscience!

1 Corinthians 2:16  For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.

His essence must be revealed in order to be understood…. The essence of God is totally unseen.

The Essence of God is not knowning what to pray for as we ought, and his devine will and purpose maketh Intercession for us with mourning and groanings which cannot be uttered! Romans 8:26

This, to me, is the GREATNESS AND THE ESSENCE OF GOD! His divine will and purpose of me being born again of the water and of the Spirit of God. ( John 3:6)

Why was I born? and what is my divine purpose as a women of God being born again?

Is God purpose being carried out? as plan? To me this is the Essence of God.

The unseen God will visit us at a time we don’t expect.

The unseen God describe the God we can’t see with our eyes, but we know he is The Creator and Maker.

Thank you JESUS!

I DON'T DESERVED IT! but you chosed us by the shedding of your blood, your purchased us! (Acts 20:28)


Inspired by the Holy Ghost through the vesselled of Sister Errnnetta Williams Adger 



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Can you imagine being tied to a post in the center of town for all to see you legally being whipped. Now, imagine how Jesus felt on the whipping post when He knew that He had done no wrong. Jesus knew His purpose had to come forth and the whipping post only a stage within the process that He had to endure. It was the whipping post that came forth before being beaten while carrying His cross to be crucified.
What would of happened if Jesus choose not to go through the whipping post experience? What would of happened if Jesus would of stood up breaking the chains saying "I don't have to take this pain when I have done no wrong". Surely, eternal salvation would not be available unto you today. 
The whipping post is a place offenders are tied to legally be whipped/punished. Your tests/trials are the lashes that will become the very source of nourishment you need in order for the development of God's purpose within you to be birthed. It is on the whipping post that your eyes willy be opened to see that the ones that is lashing you is not your greatest enemy that can destroy your purpose. The only enemy that can stop you from surviving the whipping post is YOU. 


While on the whipping post many will be watching to see how you endure, while yet some will be preying not praying that you don't survive the lashes. Why are the lashes so important? If you fail to survive the lashes then you will not be able to make it to the point of carrying your cross effectively. So, don't waste your time watching the faces and the eyes instead choose to focus on God while He strengthens you from the inside. 


It is on the whipping post that you minster to those around you by the lifestyle that you live; while wisely examining yourself saying what must I give up to die for you Lord in order to live.The flesh can't survive the whipping post and can only die when you have the mindset to suffer with Jesus through life that He died to give.  For it was Jesus that suffered for you on the whipping post; a place where His love and power was truly revealed.  


Now, that it is your time to be on the whipping post will you die to survive or will YOU stand up and let YOU rise. Only through the intimacy of suffering with Jesus Christ will you truly understand all that He did by dying for you do that you too must die to live. 


Jesus, I apologize for looking for love in all the wrong places

when you promised you'll never leave or forsake me. 

Jesus, I apologize for thinking I knew how to live my life

when you are the way, the truth and the life. 

Jesus, I apologize for this ugly flesh I'm wrapped up in

that's constantly opposing thee.

Jesus, I apologize for forgetting the love we once had before life

contaminated me with me causing me to forget that I am your wife. 

Jesus, I apologize for thinking that my sin was based upon a scale

and not Holiness and righteousness that can only be seen through your sight. 

Jesus, I apologize for trying to take my own life

when you placed your purpose within. 

Jesus, I apologize for every moment I've hurt you;

I was so wrong and I promise I will continue to fight. 

Jesus, I apologize for forgetting the price you paid to redeem;

Lord please pour your love into me again and again. 


Often we spend our lives apologizing to people when in fact it is God whom we have hurt the most. When we have spent years living our lives the way of our flesh and own desires. The first step in embracing the essence of Jesus Christ is to first admit that you were wrong. The foundation of life is the way of Jesus and the Truth of life is in Jesus.


 - Tinika Jones





To my Beautiful Sisters in the Lord, 
I was inspired by the Lord to write this letter to my Sisters... 
(6:54 am - 7:06 am)
Feb. 8, 2015


Sisters, You are Beautiful says the Lord, 
You are Beautiful to Him.
God said, I love to HEAR My Daughters of Zion CRY OUT before Me,
I love to HEAR My Child WAIL OUT before Me.
God Said, Zion, what's the matter now,
You don't PRAY unto Me like You USE TO?
You don't COME BOLDLY unto Me like you USE TO?
It is YOUR VOICE I Love to Hear when You COME before Me and Cry Out,
O My Child, I love to Hear Your Voice Crying to Me,
O My Daughter, Come Back to My ALTAR of PRAYER,
You ARE My Child,
You ARE My Children whom I Have CHOSEN out of the Bushes,
You ARE A ROSE unto Me,
To Seek and to LOVE Me with ALL YOUR HEART.
I have Chosen You to Love One Another AS I LOVE YOU.
O My Daughter,
You ARE Mine,
LET Me Hold You,
You ARE My Sweet Rose.
Seek Me with ALL YOUR HEART.
Come BOLDLY before Me,
I AM YOUR GOD, Saith the Lord.
I Love You,
I Love You with an EVERLASTING LOVE,
You ARE Mine that I HAVE CHOSEN,
To Hear Your VOICE.


Inspired by the Holy Ghost through the Vessel of Ernnetta W. Adger


"Be Overtaken in Prayer by Your God, Daughters!"

And Let the sweet aroma of God's perfume saturate your whole mind, body and soul.

God is waiting for you in the throne room behind the veil!


God has truly invested in His chosen People whom He hath purchased with His own Blood (Acts:20-28) Liken unto an investor investing into the Stock Market, looking for his return  What is God's return after he intrusted us with the Holy Ghost? He Invested (offered up His own Flesh) as the First fruit of his own investment. We owe God his return which is souls. Our Investor which is Jesus Has planted His seed in us which is the Holy Ghost! and He is looking for His return! Souls are a return to God!
St John 13:34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. 35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. Love as God Love to another is a return back to God. Reproduction is a return to God! Showing Forth his praises  and worship is a return! Witnessing is a return unto God! Can God take a risk out on us? And recieve a Harvest of Souls from out of the Vineyard? Souls are Dying and Crying out in the Hedges and Highways, and God is Losing return from His Investment! He Invested in us when he died on the  Calvary's Cross and Gave up His Life as a Ransom for us. God is Saying "Give me What I Want," I Want Souls! Isaiah 35:10 - And the ransomed of the LORD shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away. 

Inspired by the Holy Ghost,Vesseled Through Sister Ernnetta Williams Adger



Have you ever got a craving for something and nothing you ate satisfied your appetite until you ate what you desired? The power of your craving is that it controls your appetite. In Jesus if you don't crave for His Word, Ways, Thoughts, Righteousness and Holiness then you truly don't have an appetite for Him. The Word of God is life and rich in fiber that will help you digest your trials, tests, and tribulations without becoming spiritually constipated. In this life in Jesus we must remember that our table is prepared in the presence of our enemies, then this is where our head is anointed with oil and our cup is to run over. First you must eat and then the anointing comes with an overflow. When you desire Jesus you must keep your focus point on Jesus not the things that you have to go through in order to eat of Him. Even if your table is the wilderness you must learn how to adapt and eat. The thing about being able to eat the rich Word of God is that nothing is artificial; it is an abundance of truth nutrients. The very thing you need to eat of in order to get spiritual nourishment and growth. However, not all rich food taste good at the moment of eating it but when it digests within your heart and mind you will see the reward of spiritual growth. It is impossible to have an appetite for God and the things of this world. In order to grow and survive you must always have a willing mind to desire the appetite of the rich Word of God, for Jesus is the only source of life.
Vesseled Through Tinika Jones


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He Comes to kill growth ministries. He needs a body to work out of to do nothing else but to Kill, Steal and to Destroy. He is lurking around someone's mind to steal Vision and Dreams before it comes to Past! ITS TIME TO POST THE BLOOD OF JESUS AROUND YOUR OFFICE IN YOUR SOUL! SATAN NEEDS A BODY TO STUNT GROWTH MINISTRIES! DON'T LET HIM IN, before he sets up his office in your body. Guard the doorpost of your soul with the Word of God. ISAIAH 54:17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.


Definition of Stunt means: prevent from growing or developing properly.
Synonyms: inhibit, impede, hamper, hinder, restrict, retard, slow, curb.
Vesseled Through Ernnetta Adger


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