Our Leader

3Bishop Ira J. McCloud was born to Mr. Joseph McCloud and Mrs. Mary Nelson McCloud September 23, 1956 of Lakeland, Florida where he resides unto this day with his wife and family. A preacher, a pastor, and a prophet of the Most High God, Bishop Ira J. McCloud was called by God to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant in His kingdom (Jeremiah 1:10). The husband of one wife, the father of 14 children, and the spiritual father of many more, Bishop Ira J. McCloud is a man of God worthy of double honor. Ever sowing seeds and reaping harvest in the kingdom of God, he has dedicated his life to living as a good and faithful servant; always labouring in the will of God.

He was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ on October 11, 1987 and filled with the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues on October 16, 1987. As a minister he was sent out to evangelize the city of Sebring, Florida in 1991. During this time souls were saved and a mission was started. He was ordained as an Elder and appointed pastor of Refuge Church of Our Lord of the Apostolic Faith, Inc., in 1992. Over the last 21 years he has started several churches in Avon Park, Lake Wales, and Okeechobee.

For several years Elder McCloud and the congregation had a fellowship with Apostle Cowart and Church of God the Bibleway. Being the man of God that he is, he had a desire to be spiritually led by a true man of God after the death of the late Apostle Henry Ross, Sr. As he was praying one day, the Lord spoke to Elder McCloud and told him Apostle Cowart was now his spiritual father in the Gospel. In 2009, Elder McCloud and congregation became a part of Church of God the Bibleway, Inc. In 2010, he was ordained as a Bishop and appointed to the Board of Bishops and Bishop of the Southern District. In September 2011, Apostle Cowart sent Bishop McCloud to Brundidge, AL to pastor the church there and now he is evangelizing Eufaula, Alabama, and Lansing, Michigan, where souls are being filled with the Holy Ghost.

Bishop Ira J. McCloud is a faithful leader within the organization who has served as District Elder and is one of the five Bishops who creates its Board of Bishops, and was recently ordained Presiding Bishop of Church of God The Bibleway organization November 2014; and together, these great men of God, through the power of God, are spearheading this massive assembly of believers. Always administrating and raising up men of God who will lead us tomorrow, Bishop Ira J. McCloud is on the move for Christ building churches within the organization, so that able men of God can be sent out, and many more souls saved for the glory of God. God has truly began a greater work in his life!
He is married to Lady Pirieta McCloud. He is the father of fourteen children: Yolonda (Dennis) Goosby, Shambria McCloud, Liddiane Wearing, Tabitha Johnson, Isaac (Ottrie) Johnson, Rachael, Joshua, Joanna, Leah, Samuel, Samantha, Priscilla, Michael, and Amy Wearing. He has thirteen grandchildren: Jordan, Kayla, Antonio, Amaria, K’maia, Jasmine, Nehemiah, Isaac, Jr., Aeden, Daylen, Kyle, Kayden and Kyson.